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vide grenier

spending the week in France for a quick energetic reload as well as an attempt to evade ‘Queensday’, a Dutch national holiday on the 30th April of which the pro is: neverending fleemarkets all over the country, and the con: most people use it as a poor excuse to get drunk in the morning and stay that way for the remainder of the day. normally I’m no stranger if it comes to pointless drinking, but in this case it gets kind of pathetic. plus, I don’t really care for monarchy. :)

good news is, in France they use the 1st of May for fleemarkets too! and on one of them I found these amazing old French fashion magazines, including some of the original sewing patterns that came with them back in the fifties and sixties. I was really happy when I found them, because I was actually looking for magazines like this for a while, but never did. I’m planning on making the dress as shown on the image, and I’m very curious how it will look. I highly doubt if the tiny waist comes with the pattern. if results are achieved I shall post consequently.


Kim’s little monsters

almost forgot to post about the lovely illustrated porcelain from my friend      Kim Welling! I spent an hour making a choice between all the beautiful cups, saucers and even a teapot, and I came home with these two lovely pieces. Go to her Etsy shop if you want to have some of your own..

little red rain boots

when I saw these little red rain boots in the store I just had to buy them. and as I don’t have a kid to put in them, I found something else to put in them: chives. I’m not too sure if the plants will have room enough to keep growing, but I did put a little extra potting soil in the feet, maybe that’ll help to keep them alive. I really like the colours. the picture is not great, winter days are dark here in the Low Lands!