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shortest tutorial ever

diy project: magnetic spice jars. I would SO love to make a tutorial for whatever, because I can do something no one else can do, but there ís no such thing. this one is easier than your mother: buy some jars, buy some magnets, buy some glue, put it together and there you go. done.


oh deer

lacking an actual dead deer but with the urge to add something traditional to my interior I found this vegetarian taxidermied variation. within 5 minutes after hanging it on the wall, a spider had managed to build himself a nice comfortable cobweb in the antlers. at least I know he was in agreement with my purchase.

I tend to stroke it when on the phone, which is strange..

little red rain boots

when I saw these little red rain boots in the store I just had to buy them. and as I don’t have a kid to put in them, I found something else to put in them: chives. I’m not too sure if the plants will have room enough to keep growing, but I did put a little extra potting soil in the feet, maybe that’ll help to keep them alive. I really like the colours. the picture is not great, winter days are dark here in the Low Lands!


space invaders

started this birthday gift for my boyfriend last year, drastically underestimated cross stitching and finished it just in time for his birthday this year. yes sir.