rock elephant

made a little elephant a few weeks ago, by this nice¬†pattern.¬†last weekend, we were in the studio, recording the drums for my band’s new album, and that can take a while. I got a bit bored from listening and started knitting on another elephant, but this time twice the size. I finished it halfway through the rhythm guitar sessions.


seriously good music: Eefje

the seriously fantastic debut album of dutch singer songwriter Eefje, listen or buy it here.

little red rain boots

when I saw these little red rain boots in the store I just had to buy them. and as I don’t have a kid to put in them, I found something else to put in them: chives. I’m not too sure if the plants will have room enough to keep growing, but I did put a little extra potting soil in the feet, maybe that’ll help to keep them alive. I really like the colours. the picture is not great, winter days are dark here in the Low Lands!


space invaders

started this birthday gift for my boyfriend last year, drastically underestimated cross stitching and finished it just in time for his birthday this year. yes sir.


yesterday I turned 30. excellent moment to start the blog I’ve been wanting to start for ages.

when turning 30 it’s inevitable to recap some aspects of one’s adult life and see where change is due: carreer, love, environment, goals, social.. I decided that I am a very content person, actually. even though I’m not sure what I had in mind for myself at 30 when I was 20, but I pretty much got there anyway! I live in a very awesome houseboat, I own a design studio, found an amazing guy who I want to stick around, and I have a lot of great friends and family. truly lucky. change in the future is due in the obvious places: healthier lifestyle, lose some weight and travel more. and I demand to win the lottery. please.

one of my friends gave me a bottle of Gloria Vanderbilt perfume for my birthday. that’s when you know you’re turning 30 for real..

oh, and to validate this milestone in a grown woman’s life, I potato-stamped the site’s title typeface.